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Our Philosophy

Trauma by definition is any experience or series of experiences that leaves us with a shattered assumption of safety.  It is not limited to abuse, violence, or catastrophe.  Loss, injury, prolonged exposure to stress, repeated exposure to other people’s suffering, neglect, and betrayal are also traumatic and can have far-reaching and long-lasting impacts on an individual’s and their families’ functioning and well-being.

Trauma and suffering are not overcome by avoiding or eliminating stressors and hardships but rather by learning how to accept that life is unpredictable, unfair, and offers no guarantees.  In learning to accept these realities, we are then able to recognize that the fragility and chaos of life is what makes life so profoundly precious. 

TOV, an ancient word for “good” understands that the truly good things in life are good because of their fragility and vulnerability, not in spite of them.   Falling in love or the birth of a child always come with risks and we have no control over the outcomes but this is exactly why when we fall in love or a baby is born it is so very good.

​At TOV Trauma Recovery Services we believe that life is inherently good and that the pain and chaos of trauma is like the tilling of the earth – while it may uproot everything that was there before, both good and bad, it helps prepares the soil for something new.  So at TOV Trauma Recovery Services we provide support and strategies for coping with the pain and chaos of trauma but our work does not stop there.  It is not done until you can begin to see and experience your suffering and trauma as being a part of what makes life TOV.

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