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Frequently Asked Questions
How do you protect my privacy?
At TOV Trauma Recovery Services we take client confidentiality very seriously and adhere to all regulatory guidelines as outlined by the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (  We keep all client information confidential and do not disclose any information to any person or organization without prior written consent from the client.  
We aim to be completely paperless and maintain all client records on secure cloud services that are compliant with the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA). Client records are maintained for seven years after the therapeutic relationship has expired.  After seven years, the client's file and all corresponding documentation will be deleted and destroyed.
For more information on this, please see our Electronic Communications Policy
What should I expect?
During the free 20 minute consultation, your therapist will review the limits of confidentiality and discuss the ongoing nature of informed consent.  
Sessions often include psycho-education on the physiological and psychological impacts of stress and trauma, an overview of trauma treatment, and many opportunities to practice relaxation and self-regulation exercises with your therapist.  Your therapist will support you in implementing tools and strategies to help you cope with stressors and improve your day-to-day functioning and overall sense of well-being.  Keep in mind that counselling is a collaborative process, not a prescriptive one, so treatment varies considerably from one individual to the next.  
How long are the sessions and how much do they cost?
Currently individual counselling sessions are 50 minutes long and are $150 including GST.  As of July 1, 2024 the rate will increase to $160 including GST for 50 minute sessions and 80 minute sessions will be available for $215 including GST.  
Will my insurance cover my sessions?
Many extended health plans do cover both Registered Clinical Counsellors as well as Canadian Certified Counsellors but please check your coverage as some plans only cover counselling with psychologists.  
Cancellation/No Show Policy
Your appointment time is reserved just for you. A late cancellation or missed visit leaves a hole in the therapists’ day that could have been filled by another client. As such, we require 24 hours notice for any cancellations or changes to your appointment. Clients who provide less than 24 hours notice will be charged a late cancellation fee while clients who do not show up for the appointments will be required to pay 50% of their full session fee. Cancellation fees must be paid in full before subsequent sessions can be booked.
Payment  Policy
Individuals or corporate clients without a valid third-party written agreement in place are required to pay session/service fees prior to, or during the session. Any outstanding balances must be paid before subsequent sessions can be booked.

Payments can be processed via credit card through the booking site or sent via e-transfer to Please discuss payment methods with your therapist.

Services billed to a Third-Party are subject to different rates and/or administrative fees. Note that third parties such as ICBC, WorkSafe BC, and other insurance carriers do not pay for late cancellation or no show fees and as such these fees will be billed directly to you and will need to be paid before subsequent sessions can be booked.

Virtual Sessions.
At this point in time all sessions will be provided via telephone or video calls.  While some may be concerned that the virtual experience cannot deliver the same quality of support as in-person sessions, we encourage you to book a free consultation as you will see that there are some benefits of conducting counselling sessions in this format.  Also please note that video sessions can be easily accessed via smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Phone: 778.715.1125   


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