Frequently Asked Questions
How do you protect my privacy?
At TOV Trauma Recovery Services we understand the importance of protecting your privacy, especially for first responders who may live in the communities they serve. Being located within a shared office space with several other businesses provides you with greater anonymity in accessing our services as others waiting at reception will not know who you are there to see,   
After your session you can exit through the back door and access the elevator lobby without having to pass back through the main reception area.
What should I expect?
When you arrive, you'll be greeted by the receptionist who will let your therapist know that you have arrived.  Feel free to check out the lounge behind the receptionist's desk and help yourself to coffee, tea, hot chocolate or water.  
The first session will begin with a short discussion about the limits of confidentiality, followed by the signing of a consent form.  
Sessions often include psycho-education on the physiological and psychological impacts of stress and trauma, an overview of trauma treatment,  and an opportunity to practice relaxation and self-regulation exercises with your therapist.   Your therapist will support you in implementing tools and strategies to help you cope with stressors and improve your day-to-day functioning and overall sense  of well-being.  Keep in mind that counselling is a collaborative process, not a prescriptive one, so treatment varies considerably from one individual to the next.  
How long are the sessions and how much do they cost?
Individual counselling sessions are 50 minutes long and are $150.  
Will my insurance cover my sessions?
Many extended health plans do cover Registered Clinical Counsellors but please check your coverage as some plans only cover counselling with psychologists.  
Is there free parking?\
There is free underground parking - however you will need to register your license plate number at one of the meters.
Changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
All in-person services have been temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  However telephone and video sessions are still available.  Please note that video sessions can be easily accessed via smart phone, tablet, or computer.

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